Ok to switch types of poly? (brush to wipe?)

SheeshareeIIApril 21, 2012

I'm still working on the dresser I asked about a few weeks ago.

I applied the first coat of Minwax oil based poly in a satin a finish today. There are a couple areas where I either overlapped after it started to dry or didn't apply enough in those spots. I did use a good quality brush and tried to apply a thin coat.

I'm concerned when it comes time for the final coat (after sanding inbetween and all that) that I won't be able to get the finish even. Can I apply Minwax wipe on poly over the existing poly? I'd use the same 'satin' finish. I wish now I would've just bought the wipe on but I already had a can here so I figured I'd make it work.


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It will take 2 - 3 coats to build up an even finish. Only thing you want to worry about is drips and runs. TheMiniwax poly is fairly self leveling so you should not see many streaks. You can also use a foam brush to apply.

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"Can I apply Minwax wipe on poly over the existing poly? "

Or just thin out the original with the recommended solvent for clean up.

That is all 'wiping' poly really is.

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I'm happy to say the second coat turned out well. I think those areas I was seeing that looked different, I actually didn't get enough poly in those spots.

It's going well so far!

I did think about thining out the existing but it sounded messy. Good to know that about the wiping poly.


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