Milgard Style Line Casement/Awning opinions for modern home

charliehorse99August 21, 2012


I am considering installing Milgard vinyl (white) Style Line casements and awning windows. The casement and awning versions are relatively new. I am looking for clean, modern, minimalist sight-lines and this may be an alternative to aluminum windows commonly used on modern and MCM homes. Has anyone used these in casement/awnings? I'd love to see some photos and hear your opinions on the quality and sight lines.

While these are less expensive compared to the Montecito line, I am told that they are not any lesser quality but just simpler to construct with less vinyl material. To me the less architectural 'detail' the better.

Also, I am considering using these using straight drywall returns on the interior, and in situations where I have windows together I am think I would buy separate units and frame in as close as possible as opposed to using the vinyl mulling option. I find the vinyl mulling bars way to thick, eg, 5", between a fixed and an awning, and so even if I use stud/drywall between I think it will look nicer than a big hunk-o-vinyl between the lights. On smaller windows the 5" mulling bar is disproportionately large relative to the glass area. On larger windows it may be less of an issue. The other advantage of using separate units over mulling is that the plane of the glass for a fixed and awning can be the same, as opposed to when they are mulled together (the mulling bar would be mounted inboard of the awning glass).


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Windows on Washington Ltd

Get a zero mullion strip. If the window is equip with an accessory groove on the interior and exterior, a zero mull is basically invisible as it directly joins the two windows across a thin line.

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That zero mullion wont work with an operable window mulled with a fixed, will it?

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Windows on Washington Ltd


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Um, got a link to explain how this works?

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What's there to explain? Both frames have an accessory groove, so just mull them together. Only issue would be if you just have a FIG (framed in glass).

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Windows on Washington Ltd

Here is a link to a structural zero mull.

Here is a link that might be useful:

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