Garage shelving

thomaskuhnApril 17, 2013

I originally posted in garages/workshops but this seemed a better place...

I am building shelves for the garage and am in the final stages. I have a question regarding the need for any additional "wall to shelf" brackets.
I must preface that i am not a master carpenter by any stretch of the imagination, especially on big projects like this.

When I built these, i used my dads technique of attaching 1x2x8' to the cinderblock wall with 1/4" tapcons every 12" to 16". There is one strip on the top and one strip 48" down on the bottom shelf (not sure what these strips re called). I then preceded to build the shelving (3/4" ply) off of those brackets by screwing and gluing to them. Vertical sides were added, then finally the internal horizontal shelves. Everything is glued and screwed.

My question is... Should i add more 1"x2" under the various horizontal shelves for additional support, or will the strips i have support everything well enough?

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Nice shelves!

It depends on what you plan to store on the shelves. Adding a face frame strip[ at the front will make it more rigid, but it looks like your only really long shelf has verticals holding it.

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I will mostly be storing regular garage "stuff". Coolers somewood on the top, plumbing parts, paint, etc.

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IMHO more support is better. You never know when you might start collecting bowling balls and anvils.

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