Exterior Light On Stucco

shaklee3March 8, 2014

Hi, I'm trying to put up a light on a stucco surface on the house. There are two ways I've seen this done:

1) Buy a pre-fabbed light kit that has a gasket and a round box that essentially just pulls the wire from inside through the center, then you seal around it with silicone caulking. This would only require a 1/2" hole, then some anchors to hold it on.

2) Install a junction box flush with the stucco, then attach the light to this. I'm assuming you'll still have to seal around the light.

Which way is recommended? I couldn't find a good answer online -- obviously #1 is better, but some people said it may break code. #2 will require much more work since I'll have to buy a grit hole saw about the size of the junction box.

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Ron Natalie

Either way will work and be legal. Stucco (even when it's rough) is typically flatter than many other siding materials (brick, clapboards...either wood or made of some simulated material)...

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