help platform bed

texas_wildflowerApril 20, 2010

I like this simple design where it just assembles without nuts, bolts, screws and etc.

What would be the best way to make this?

What wood should i use?

I want natural wood and color no stains and etc.


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Nearly any wood would work.

Just a warning that this piece of furniture, if it does not come apart, could be very difficult or impossible to get into some homes. Consider turns, steps, elevators, just about anything but a straight shot through a door and into a room.

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That's funny, I just brought up movability on another thread. This piece might come apart though? I certainly wouldn't make it if it doesn't for that exact reason though, quite aside from the fact that I hate platform beds - my shins hurt just looking at them. Must have had a traumatic experience in my youth.

Also similar to what I also just said on the other thread about bookshelves is that there are so many kinds of wood that it is impossible to make recommendations - it's a matter of taste and what you can get. Natural wood ranges from totally white (holly) to orange (bloodwood) to purple (purpleheart) to very dark brown (walnut, brazilian cherry). You can get wood with incredible grain (zebrawood, gumwood). You can probably get any of these depending on how much trouble you're willing to go to and how much you're willing to spend. Even if all you can get is pine or maple or cedar, you might prefer one for reasons of weight or appearance.

I'd suggest you do oil it even if you don't stain it, because it will be susceptible to stains from finger or foot prints, various spills and drips (coffee in bed...) etc.


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