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wangshanMarch 21, 2010

I am finally rewiring an old crystal 5 arm chandalier. I have a couple of questions ..One , by 'ribbed' do they mean one single small rib on the wire ? I bought some lamp cord, but I can't tell too easily which one is suppossed to be the neutral and which one is hot..the "rib" seems almost nonexsistant unless I got the wrong stuff.

Two, when I took out the old wires , there was a small, uninsulated wire soldered to the nipple holding the socket on one end, and one of the wires where it exited the arm on the other end...I guess a ground wire . I am using the same sockets. Do I need to do this also ? Thank you in advance

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2) The ground wire wouldn't be there if you didn't need it.
1) One of the two insulted conductors have a ribbed profile, that is the neutral. If it's non-existing just make sure the other end is used as the neutral.

Note: If you only bought 2-wire lamp cord be sure to weave that soldered wire all the way to the lighting out box(box in the wall/ceiling)

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Oh cr@p..are you sure about that..the old wire was I think had a woven fabric cover,,the third small wire did not go to the center post just as far as the end of the arm then the bx wires continued to the center. I took out the ground which is why I'm asking
I looked very carefully at the wire last nite..I see one very small rib on one side. ..are the wires otherwise the same ? I realize they have to go to the same place...that is all the neutral (silver screw) together and all the hot(brass screw) together.

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The rib indicates the wire to use as the neutral. That is the only physical difference between the wires - it's just a marking. Some zip cord has a bunch of ribs, some just one.

The neutral should consistently be connected to the shells of the lamp sockets. The hots go to the center contacts.

You need the ground wire for safety. It should be securely connected to the metallic parts of the fixture. If you removed it, put it back. :-)

PS - you don't have old BX there, certainly not in a chandelier.

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Oh ok ,thanks. There are a few web sites that tell you exactly how to connect the wires , that part I understand now.
So I need to put back the 5 ground wires, one in each arm ? That's how it was.
What is that stuff called then? I don't know the term . There were 2 separate,not connected wires with the woven, fabric like covering. This was the only kind of wire in the entire thing. It is an old crystal chandelier.

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If the extra wires had never been connected to anything, they may have just been 'strength members' added to help support the electrical wires in case the chandelier somehow broke.

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Depending on how the fixture is made it may require grounds in each arm.

An all metal fixture with all the parts joined together with screw/clamp type fittings, welded, brazed, etc. would only require a single ground for all the metal pieces bonded together.

If there are non-conductive sections isolating metal portions that could become energized from the ground connection, multiple ground connections may be needed.

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Alright ,thank you Brickeyee, ,that explains a lot. The arms are entirely crystal except for about 3/4 inch at either end which is basically a metal piece that is decorative on the outside and glued/mortared to the crystal part and has the threading to recieve the metal nipples that connect one end to the socket and the other to the body of the chandelier I do need to replace the grounds. Ok next question , the ground wire goes from the nipple connecting to the socket ,thru the arm , to exactly what at the other end ? Should it be touching the metal at the other end of the crystal arm?

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Alright , I just have one(?) more question...I am supposed to get these attached to socket nipple run thru the arm to the other end and attach to nipple connecting arm and base There is this that I then slip into the nipple at the base and clamp the wires to......right ? That was pretty much how it was when I took it apart. I don't know how to put in 2 links in one message so...

Here is a link that might be useful: ground wire

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follow up........I finished wiring it exactly as it was with grounds thru each arm.....looks and works great

Here is a link that might be useful:

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