How to build this potting bench

strayerdarbApril 5, 2014

Hello, I need to know where to find instructions or plans for building a simple table base. I want to build a potting bench for outside that looks like these pictures.

This is a potting bench I found on GW. I has an old enameled sink as the top. It is tasymo's potting bench.

Can anyone give me some instructions or hints on how to build it? My Dh will cut all the wood and my son is going to help me build it. Thanks.

tasymo's picture of before...

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tasymo's picture of after...

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That design is very basic construction.

Use 2&1/2" long deck screws for assembly. Torx or square drive screws are best. Home improvement/hardware stores have either or both.

Pressure treated wood will last longer, but needs time to dry out before priming and painting. Really wet PT wood may need several months to dry. And, really wet PT wood can warp, so pick dry pieces(lighter is dryer).

Assemble the top frame, screw ends together.

Use stove bolts/washers/nuts to attach the legs to the top frame---positioning the legs inside the top frame.

Use stove bolts to attach the gussets(the angled braces from leg to top frame.

Use screws to attach the leg stiffeners(the boards on the lower sections of the legs). Use screws to install the lower shelf.

Add the boards for the top shelves to the assembled lower section ---use boards as long as the legs plus the desired height of the upper shelves for strength.

Use screws to install the upper shelves to the upright posts. Shorter screws to install the support brackets.

Should be a fun project. Happy Potting!

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Are you familiar with This woman is AMAZING! I bet you could find a plan very similar to this. Even if you do not find exactly what you are looking for you can still learn some very basic construction details from her designs. I have made several things from her plans that I have modified to fit my needs. The best part is she is so inspiring that you will not even need the help of your son or husband!

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