Need help with moulding angles. Please!

liptonjlApril 30, 2009

I'm not sure if this is a good place to post this question, but I hope so:

We want to put crown moulding in our closet/bonus room. We just cannot seem to figure out the angles! Can anyone look at the pic below and see if you can help? We just want to run a long one down each side, and then connect them above the door. Thanks!

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There are any number of threads on this topic, if not exactly in this forum, then in Remodeling, Home Decorating, or Woodworking. The simple answer is that a turn can be in one plane or another but not two planes at the same time. Both turning the corner _and_ turning up the slope of the ceiling in one cut is attempting the impossible; it must be treated as two turns. You turn the 90 degree corner, then with a short horizontal run (the piece will look like a wedge) miter uphill for the rake run. Leveling off for the flat ceiling is just one plane change, so that is a simple miter (measure the actual angle, calculate its complimentary angle and divide it by two for the miter setting).

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Thanks again :)

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