Aluminum wiring in the furnace

catherinetMarch 9, 2010

We are preparing to sell a condo. The furnace guy came today and serviced the furnace and the A.C. I told him we were making it ready for an inspector. He said that there was aluminum wiring to the furnace and said that, depending on which inspector came, that may or may not be a problem.

We don't want to have to pay the inspector to come back again if he doesn't accept it.

What are your feelings about this?

The condo is about 31 years old.


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What size wire?
It should be marked on the outer jacket of the cable.

Larger conductors made up of stranded aluminum are not a problem.

Single aluminum conductors on 15 and 20 amp circuits are a problem.

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Darn, the HVAC guy didn't say. He just said it might be a problem.......but he didn't seem to be totally sure about some other things either.
If I remember correctly, there is a metal tube over these wires. Would it say on that? What number would be acceptable?
Are most furnaces on 2 circuit breakers? I can't remember if they are 15 or 20 amp. Next time I'm there, I will check for this info.

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A pair of breakers means the load is 240 V.

The rating of the breakers would be a good indicator, but looking at the markings on the cable would be even better.

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