Please help! How do I repair a few rotten spots on deck rail?

domesticahApril 16, 2009

Actually quite a few spots. It seems that the painter we hired two years ago to paint our side porch painted over some rot (without telling us). The paint was chipping, so I went out to scrape and repair and wouldn't you know, rot! And quite a bit in several spots -- any advice on how to fix/patch/retard it? A full fledged replacement is out of the question right now although I guess we'll have to cross that bridge eventually. Anyway, advice appreciated. Thanks.

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Clean out any really soft rot, then use Minwax Wood hardener VERY liberally to saturate the wood at the rot places.

You can then fill in any remaining hole with Minwax high performance wood filer.

Sand, prime, and paint.

It may well be cheaper to just replace a few boards.

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