Does water base poly look close to cabinet finish?

PoorOwnerApril 7, 2010

I am trying to match the sheen of kitchen cabinets.

Poly is not quite it, too thick and yellow does not look like the conversion varnish that was put on the doors.

I am thinking to try the waterbased poly in satin, since it goes on clear. It's for crown molding job so there isn't any contact or wear and doesn't really need a heavy duty finish.

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Generally, no. The consumer-grade waterbased poly that I've used (Minwax) had a distinctly bluish cast that I found unpleasant.

Lacquer might be a better choice.

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Try Deft waterbased finish. Several coats. The gloss is clear and the semigloss is milky but will be clear when it dries. Easy to apply.

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I used Varathane's Diamond Water-Based Polyurethane on some laundryroom cabinet interiors I built with great success against marring, scratching and laundry soap damage. Nice clarity on the maple too with no bluing in the finish.

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Circus Peanut

I'd avoid poly. In the same situation, I found that the best match (in gloss as well as texture) to commercial conversion varnish was Mohawk's spray tone finish clear lacquer.

Here is a link that might be useful: spray lacquer

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Circus Peanut

Hey, poorowner, I dug up a pic for you. We used recycled cabinets for my kitchen remodel and made a bunch of extra panels, shelves, feet, etc that I had to stain and finish to match. I used aniline dyes and the Mohawk satin finish spray lacquer linked above, and nobody has ever guessed which wood is original and which is new:

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