Steel or Fiberglass Door

leah_1216August 31, 2009

I'm replacing a basement door that is located in a playroom/den and leads to a patio. I want a well insulated door. Is there a big difference between steel and fiberglass? One store insisted fiberglass was the way to go, and said that steel eventually will pit. Another store recommended steel. Also, have you heard of ProVia doors?

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Provia Doors are one of the best you can buy. Provia also provides a lifetime warranty on their 20 gauge galvinized steel doors. I'd go for a steel door for the basement as it will provide the best deterrent to a break in. Provia doors also come with a steel security plate that should be installed.

We installed 2 Provia Steel doors for an elderly woman a few years ago who had had several break-ins. Last year she fell asleep while smoking and the house caught on fire. A neighbor called the FD and they could not get in the house thru the 2 Provia Doors even with axes. They did get in thru a window. The Firemen wanted to know who made those doors b/c they said they couldn't believe how strong they were. Needless to say she was fine and I found out about this when she called to order 2 new doors. Said she couldn't have been more pleased and she really felt much safer.

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