Introducing myself to this lovely group :)

litsapizzaSeptember 3, 2008

Hello All! I've enjoyed lurking here for a couple of weeks, catching up on all the great advice and works of art. I admire all you share here :)

I'd like to share my FIRST mosaic. A box I made for my DH at the craft store I work at (birthday party entertainer). I never had a knack for art, always more of an appreciator and collector. Never dreamed I would get so hooked on Mosaics!

It may be amateurish, but wanted to share back and say thank you to all the helpfull artists here!

I wish I was exposed to creating mosaics years ago! It all makes sense now! I just notice how much mosaic inspired things I have collected in my home without realizing the pattern: mosaic tissue box, 3 candle votives, mosaic beaded charger, even the:

the shower curtain! LOL

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Hello, and welcome! I agree with you 100%, this group is both very talented and very helpful! I've only done a couple of projects so far myself, and everyone here has been very helpful and offers tons of encouragement and advice.

I love your box, the guitar is awesome (my hubby plays bass) I think you did a very nice job on it, nice colors, it is a great first mosaic!


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Welcome! Welcome! What a way to enter the group! That's a wonderful piece you did! Great.

Hang around here and you won't only be more addicted, you'll make a ton of great friends and have resources and information so close through all of them.

I love that you included the picture of the shower curtain. That's hardly a subliminal message to yourself. We're glad you finally saw what it was you loved and that you could do it too! Wonderful!

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Welcome to our group of artists. I am new myself and have found that our members offer help, suggestions, guidence, and encouragement. And you first piece is very well done.

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Welcome, that is really COOL, you did a great job on cutting that guitar. What a way to start your first mosaic, now there will be no stopping you. Have fun

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YAY! I got the ultra cute welcome banner! Thank you for the warm welcome daisyme :)

gcpomom- my hubby plays guitar :) I think your pieces are smashing! Such eye candy!

katishocked-I'm glad you think so :)

mermaid4life- Love your ideas here, so your opinion made my day!

Thanks for the support, I am so excited!

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Welcome to the group! I really like your guitar-quite impressive for a first piece! Great job. :)

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Very Impressive First PC!!! Sounds like the mosaic bug dun sneakt up and bit you!!!lol! Nice shower curtain...yup, U R 1 of Us!!!

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Wow, your guitar is awsome and it's your first? I see many beautiful creations in your future. And looking forward to seeing them here, too!

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Fabulous first. Welcome - you'll be sooooooo at home here. Isn't mosaicing the best hobby you ever had?? It changed my life for the rest of my life. Good job.

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becky_ia are hooked! Welcome! Know that you will love being here. And remember, we love pictures!


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Wonderful first (or 1,000th) project! Glad to have you with us for many, many more!


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Welcome to the group, you will love it here and we will do our best to help you if we can. I like the quitar, your did great.Carol

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