Cost of used Stanley Dining set from 1980?

amanda911April 4, 2013

Hello. Can anyone advise me what the cost a seller should expect to receive for a 30 year old Stanley dining set (table, 2 captain chairs and 4 side ones), serving trolley and hutch and buffet that was originally bought for $6000 in 1980. It is poplar wood with the exception of the table top which is veneer. The seat cushions were redone in the 30 years and other than some pulls on them are fine and there is a superficial scratch on the table surface.

I ask as the seller wants $1000 but it is yellowed so I would need to refinish and / or re-paint it. I got a quote for this and the guy (who has 62 years experience) said to just get it re-stained over the yellow as it would be only about $3700-4000 including pick up, delivery of it back to my home and tax. Now coupled with the $1000 the seller wants, this would be about $5000. A new Stanley set seems to be about $9000-12000 depending on style, etc.

I just was searching for opinions on those knowledgeable in used furniture if this seller wanting $1000 is too high? I know she loves the set and it is good quality but that does not change the fact it is 30 years old and does need to be refinished and / or painted.

is this a good buy at $1000 with all the work it needs still?

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I'd ask the home decorating forum. Compare it with the same pieces in a mid-to-low range store, such as Ashley ... it might be comparable.

If it's poplar it was always meant to be painted - it's not a pretty wood.

If you like the style, but cringe at the quote, you can repaint it yourself. GRIPPER Primer and a good enamel paint will get you a long ways. It's tedious, but do-able.

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Used furniture is rarely worth all that much (in perfect condition from a big name maker like Henkel- Harris sometimes there is some value) but generally pennies on the dollar.

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