Oriel (cottage) window question

sheila512August 6, 2013

I am going to replace 25 windows on my home. Thought I had it all figured out-was going with Marvin Integrity Wood/Ultrex in the front of my house because I really wanted SDLs(outside the glass) in a 4 over 1 window. I am going to use all ultrex (no grids) on the back of my house.

7 of the windows in the front are 3x6 single hung and are reverse cottage (larger sash on top). I have plantation shutters in 5 of these windows made with the stationary divider placed to match the reverse cottage windows.

I just realized that the Wood/Ultrex are not available in the reverse cottage configuration. The all Ultrex are available but only come with grids between the glass.

What are the reasons that windows are configured in that style? Would it look strange to have a standard 50/50 window in that size?

Is it possible to rework my shutters-move the center divider and some louvers to fit a 50/50 window?

Any thoughts would be appreciated!


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That is an interesting quandary with the windows.

Have you considered the Infinity-Everwood option? That might give you the same look and I am pretty sure they have the oriel option.

If not, the money spent on trying to re-work the shutters might be better spent on just going with another set of the Ultimates. I can't really speak for certain on what the pricing would be for the shutter modifications but I can't imagine it to be cheap.

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I think the Infinity is out of my price range. I guess I will give up my SDL wish and just go with the All Ultrex.

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There is a very simple solution to your problem. Pick a vinyl (similar to OKNA 800 series) or composite (similar to Starmark 900 series) that can offer you the oriel style with SDL. You can have a very high quality window with exactly the features you want. You will also have better energy ratings and air infiltration ratings.

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I did look at vinyl first but none of the higher quality windows are available in my area.(Austin,Texas)

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Sheila, I believe that the Sunrise products are available to you down there. The Vanguard or Restorations would be great options, and probably cost less while offering better performance, lifetime warranty, and the options that you desire... Worth exploring anyway ;)

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I would also price out the Infinity first before writing it off the list.

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Sunrise Vanguard is available in Austin, Houston, and Dallas. They do a nice job with SDL's at a very reasonable price.

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Thanks I will look into those!

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