Therma-tru or Mastergrain front door

ontariomomAugust 5, 2012

Hi all,

We will be buying double doors for our front entry in our Southern Ontario home. The doors will be 3/4 decorative glass, and 8 feet tall (entry has 12 foot ceilings). We want to paint the door but thought to get a wood grain like finish on the fiberglass doors rather than a smooth finish for enhanced look. We have been quoted on both Therma-tru fiberglass doors and Mastergrain fiberglass doors. The Therma-tru is only available with a oak like finish, and the Mastergrain for a bit more comes in a cherry like finish. Here are a few things we are wondering about:

1)How does the quality compare between the Mastergrain line and Therma-tru?

2)Given we want to paint the door, is it important what kind of wood grain look we will have? The hardwood floor, stairs and railing near front door will be maple and not oak.

3)Should we pay the upgrade for factor paint, or just have the painter paint it after install?

Please let me know your opinions.


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Not sure at all on the Mastergrain Brand Doors, as I have never seen nor heard of them (not that that makes them bad) Therma Tru is a decent door not the best not the worst. Grain type is up to you and your preference for appearance. As far as finishing if your going to paint defintiely have it factiry finished as there the paint is generally sprayed on and applied under optimum conditions and a factory type finish is very tough to match to accomplish in the field.

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Thanks millworkman for your helpful opinions. Given that Therma Tru is middle of the road, what brand of fiberglass door would you consider to be higher quality? I may be more limited given what is available in Canada. The Mastergrain door has just recently entered the US market (maybe less than two years ago), and seems to be known for its very realistic wood grain look (cherry stain especially hot seller). We also looked into a door by Fibertec (also a Cdn company that makes good quality fiberglass windows too), but they did not offer our chosen decorative glass which is made by Trimlite (maybe we can go back to them and plead). Do you know anything about Fibertec doors?

Thanks for your help.


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Unfortunately I do not know anything about Fibertec Doors, I do know they make a good window so that may mean their door is an equally good product. As far as other fiberglass doors, HMI and Provia make about the best from what I have been told and read.

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1) Thermatru makes a nice door. I agree with MWM's assessment that Provia is a step up, but I'd say that the Thermatru is better than "middle of the road". It is high end option, and usually offers good "bang for the buck". I don't know anything about the other company.
2) Thermatru can be had in a mahogany grain as well if you don;t like that oak grain. It looks much nicer (and more realistic) IMO. You can get either grain in either the Fiber classic or Classic craft lines.

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Actually I do not mean "middle of the road", I am actually quite fond the the Therma Tru products and in hind-site it is better than decent in my opinion. Provia I know is higher end than even highend Therma Tru, HMI I have only read and been told of.

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No explanation necessary, I was only referencing the OP's characterization as he/she had interpreted it :)

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Hi guys,

Thanks for clarifying that Therma-tru doors are better than middle of the road as that is one of my best options. We will enquire about the mahogany stain, as that sounds nicer than the oak finish. Unfortunately, neither HMI, nor Provia sell their doors anywhere in Canada.

If there happens to be anyone who has experience with Mastergrain doors, please let me know.

Thanks for your help!


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Hi again,

Upon further research, it seems that Mastergrain doors are sold in the US under the name of GlassCraft Mastergrain. Mastergrain is a trademark of Weber Manufacturing Technologies, and Mastergrain makes the actual door, and GlassCraft does the factory finish. Perhaps someone has heard of these doors under the more commonly used name in the US?



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