staining window trim

bronxbillApril 19, 2009

Just a short question - am I suppose to use a special brush for stain? or can I use a regular paint brush that I usually use. I'm going to use a 1" & a 2" brush to go in between the panes and the window.

The windows are in place almost 10 years and the wood is still untouched (don't know what kind of wood it is)

Thanks much

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Check the directions on the can of stain. If the wood is oak or another hardwood you probably can just dip a rag in the stain and wipe it on, then wait about 5 minutes or so and buff it out. If the wood is pine or another softwood, your going to have to put a conditioner on the wood first before staining or it will turn out blotchy.

Best of luck with the project, rredogg

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Thanks rredogg: It was just pine and a regular cheap brush seemed to work, 2 coats did the trick.

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