Replacing existing vinyl windows?

dem66August 27, 2011

I have been in construction for 15 years and have installed many vinyl windows but have never installed replacement windows. This is for my own house which is a double wide mobile home with Kinro vinyl windows some have been damaged by hail so we want to replace all the windows a total of 8. I am looking at replacing them with the Simonton 5500.

My question is on how to do the install. I have talked to one installer who said you just use a saws-all and cut between the window and exterior trim to remove the existing window flange; cut loose the interior caulk between window frame and interior jambs and remove the window. Then slide replacement window in against interior jamb; screw window in place and caulk inside and out. Is this the correct procedure? And if so do you just measure the outside dimensions of the original window frame and order accordingly?

I know I have over simplified this just for brevity sake.

Any suggestions would be appreciated.

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The first thing you need to do is measure the wall depth. The Simonton 5500 is 3.25".

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Thanks for the reply skydawggy. The walls are 2X6 construction. After further inspection I have discovered that the vinyl window flange is over the top of the hardboard siding (4x8 sheets)and just under the window trim (1/2" hardboard siding ripped for trim what can I say it is a mobile home). Would I be better of pulling the trim and replacing windows with a flange and install new trim? Can you get a flange on the Simonton 5500?

The interior make up is painted MDF jamb butted against window frame and then caulked with casing over edge of jamb and over sheetrock. I would like to replace the windows without disturbing the inside.

To finish answering your question 2x6 framing = 5 1/2". Interior jamb is 5" so including 1/2" drywall you have 4 1/2" of 2x6 on interior of window frame and 1" plus 1/2" sheathing plus 1/2" siding under window frame. The existing window frames are 2 3/4" wide.

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