Opinions on Anderson 100 Series

jessraeAugust 2, 2012

Hello everyone - We've been all over the map on our window decision for our new build. We are building in Minnesota and the interior of the windows will be white. First we were looking at Marvin integrity wood/ultrex and enameling the interior. Unfortunately we are overbudget so we turned to vinyl options.

Our builder first suggested Lindsay Windows, but after taking another look, he thought the looks of the window didn't really fit the house. His supplier suggested Anderson 100 Series, but from what I've read on here, Anderson may not be the best option.

What are your opinions on the Anderson 100 Series? They will be casement windows in a $700,000+ home. Are there better options out there that are priced about the same? Thanks so much!

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Builders grade, low end vinyl not a good window at all in my mind. Especially in a 3/4 to a million dollar home.

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Thanks Millworkman - That's what I was afraid of. Back to the drawing board...

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Windows on Washington Ltd

+1 to Millworkman's feedback.

You can do better.

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We have Anderson 400 series in our house and are about to do a kitchen remodel which will include a new window. The kitchen is going to be much more modern than the existing and I want a simple window design for it. The salesman suggested the Anderson 100 series because it has "the least architectural detail of the Anderson line". Unfortunately it is definitely "builder grade" with caulked interior seams that would bug me every day as the window would sit over the sink and I would see it several times per day. Plus I wonder about the caulk fading differently than the paint, etc. Finally, the entire look was low-cost. If you are building a $700k home, putting in cheap windows will be a subtle but significant "cheap" impression. The opposite is also true- put in solid windows and a fantastic front door to get the "luxury" impression. Of course- I tend to notice windows and doors more than most folks....

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Thanks for your response thumbs. Good to know that these are not the windows for us!

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