Great table... but does it clash with my flooring?

MateoandMeAugust 14, 2012

Hi everyone. I really like this table at Macy's but I don't think the color will be right with my flooring. My cabinets will be dark almost black and also have an open concept layout in my soon to be built house. Should I go lighter or darker as far as a dining table? Any suggestions to where I can find a great piece? (living in Las Vegas) Thank you for your opinions.


Macy's Champagne Dining Set

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Is that all the same flooring in the first picture? It looks like two different colors so I'm not sure which you chose - or if the flooring just has a wide variation in the color.

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Yes that is all the same flooring. It is one big sample piece.

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Your flooring looks nice!

They both have a gray tone to them, right? Is the floor more yellow and the table more pink/red? I can't tell.

I think you could do a black table easily without worrying about it.... This particular one might be too close in tone without matching exactly....... but will you have a rug under it? With a rug, I doubt anyone would tell.

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Fori is not pleased

I would build the house first and then pick the table.

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@fori Sorry. I should be clearer with my words but the house will be done the beginning of September.

@lolauren thank you for your advice! I do have an area rug that I'll be laying under it and I think you're right about a darker table.

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Fori is not pleased

But it makes a difference to actually stand in the room and look around. I'm not being snide--it's just that once you can actually BE there, your perspective can change and you might end up kicking yourself for being too proactive.

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