Library with stained poplar walls & ceiling, but stained maple...

threeapplesApril 11, 2012

the walls and ceiling of our paneled library are set to be stained poplar (in budget), but the cabinetmaker who is creating the bookshelves on one wall does not use poplar and will be using stained maple. How will these two woods accept the same stain differently? Will this look terrible? We want a cohesive look for this room. Any ideas? thanks.

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Poplar takes a dark stain well. It can be made to look like cherry. Maple is a little tricky to get an even appearance of a dark penetrating stain. I think it's a long shot for the poplar and maple to come out looking even. Birch and poplar may be closer match for a dark stain. Can your cabinetmaker do Birch instead of Maple?

I think the best approach is to start with the actual stain, and some samples of the various woods. Choose the one that looks closest to the stained Poplar.

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You are going to have two different colors, unless you use some kind of involved(and expensive) recipe for the two woods.

The way to determine what can be done that you can accept is to have scraps of both woods stained with the same stain. Then experiment with tints, toners, dyes, and finishes to get the final colors.

I often use strips of scraps about 12 to 18 inches long, doing three color recipes on each stick.

The other gotcha is that with as much wood as will be used in that room, there will be color differences between pieces of the same species.

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poplar and maple are two distinctively different woods. Poplar will have green to brown tones, and Maple is brownish. If you get the maple heartwood which has dark brown coloring the two could work, but will require alot of work to match. They do make a special stain for poplar wood which evens it out.

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