gel stain finish durability

lam702April 24, 2014

I am still on the fence as to whether I should paint or gel stain my honey oak bath cabinets. Can someone tell me how durable the gel stain finish would be? I know that when applied over a previously finished surface (as opposed to unfinished wood) it will not sink in, but rather sit on top. To me, that would mean it could possibly scratch off fairly easily, even with a clear coat.

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Gel stain, or any stain for that matter, is not a "Finish" (despite what the can says.) They have a small amount of binder -- oil, varnish, lacquer, or whatever. When used between coats of finish they are functioning as a glaze and must be top coated. How well the top coat sticks is a function of what finish is on now, what you are applying, how long you let the glaze dry and how thickly you applied the stain (remember it has few binders so thick coats can be problematic.)

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I view gel stain like shoe polish, it does not penetrate that much, and sits on the surface. When I apply it I just buff it on with a cotton cloth. Then topcoat with a compatible clear coat.

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