Windows Marked by Pool Water?

robinson2August 25, 2011

(My first post to this forum!)

I just moved into a house with a storage shed near the swimming pool. The shed has a window that has apparently gotten sprayed frequently by the pool's little robot cleaner, which roves around the bottom of the pool. I guess the prior owners didn't clean this window very frequently.

There was quite a build-up on the window from the pool chemicals, I guess, which I have finally gotten mostly cleaned off with window cleaners and razor blades. However, there are still trails where the water has run down the glass, only these seem to be within the glass and the glass in these trails appears darker than the unaffected glass. The glass doesn't seem etched so much as stained.

Is this something that can be cleaned or polished out, either by me or by a professional window cleaner? If not, are there products that can improve the appearance of this window, or am I faced with replacing the glass?


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If it a double pane glass unit and the staining is between the 2 panes, it's likely you are going to have to replace the glass.

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Windows on Washington

There are glass polishes that might be worth a shot.

I wonder if the Chlorine, salts, bromine, etc didn't etch the glass?

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This is a single pane window, and there are no streaks on the inside of the window. It is possible that the chlorine has etched the glass, but would that cause the light/dark streaks in the glass?

In any case, what glass polishes should I try?

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Yes as glass is porous, harsh chemicals will actually soak into the pores of the glass and stain or discolor it. As far as I know nothing will remove it. Try soft scrub, baking soda mixed with water into a paste or a hand soap with pumice may work as well. Probably will not remove it entirely but may help.

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Cerium oxide

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