How do I transition these 2 pieces of trim?

weedyacresApril 28, 2012

I've got a baseboard wrapping around a wall that needs to butt into the stringer trim coming up the side of the stairs. I can't figure out a way to make this look good. The stairs used to be carpeted, which is why I've got this to deal with.

This is about the best I could come up with, and it works on the outside line of the trim, but there are 2 different profile changes, and I don't think there's any amount of caulk and putty that can make it look good.

Any ideas? The stringer trim is unavailable at any of our local box stores/lumber yards.

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The angle on that looks odd. My stairs have vertical transition pieces. Something like this but just a plain piece of wood.

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Do a return on the tall piece and align the return with the edge of the top tread. Cut a filler piece to fit between the return and the top of the angled trim.

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Thanks for the photo, snookums.

handymac: What shape/material would you recommend making the filler piece from?

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Try to make the filler look like the profile of the slanted trim. It will be very small anyway.

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