Solar shades/blinds question

wallycatAugust 27, 2011

DH and I recently moved to home in the Pacific Northwest.

Summers can be cool but also unseasonably hot. We have huge Bow (like bay but bigger) windows and lots of windows in general. The kitchen windows offer amazing views of Discovery Bay.

We love the views but I (DH doesn't care either way) detest the glare of the sun. It is sunny a lot out here.

Most days when it is cool, I love that all these windows heat the house but of course, would love to avoid turning on the a/c if I can during the unseasonably hot times. there anything that retains amazing views but can cut the glare (and the UV damage) but be able to be removed when you actually want the blasted sun (can you tell I hate summer?) DH is concerned that any blind (even the 15 - 17% open) will make the view not crystal clear.

Any thoughts would be appreciated. Kitchen windows are the worst for blinding me when I work in there prepping dinner but they are the ones that offer the most amazing of the views.

...and I don't want to spend an arm and a leg. I realize I"m dreaming of the perfect solution but thought I'd put it out there.

Outside blinds/awnings are iffy as 70mph winds can happen.

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What you want to check out is the most open % dark sun shade. Most are going to be made by Phifer and be a Shearweave.

The reason you want a dark color is that is absorbs the light so it reduces glare and allows for more visibility.

A 5-10% black will allow the best visibility. And if the color matches, there is one color, whos name that eludes me right this second, that has a touch of brown in it that is actually the best for visibility.

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