Code check - running wire in ceiling

live4everMarch 7, 2012

We are installing some recessed lighting in our kitchen ceiling. The ceiling is completely open. The ceiling joists are 2x4s (full 4" tall) and the space above is dead space/attic.

My understanding of electrical code is that when wiring perpendicular to joists the wire must pass through holes in the joists, not above the joists. It's also my understanding that wires/holes must be 1.25" from the edge of studs or 2" from the edge of joists.

This doesn't seem possible in this case, unless I am missing some exception for attic spaces? Or should I just go with boring a hole at the center of the joist and using nail plates? Thanks for your help.

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What is above the joists? How is the space above the joists used?

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It's not used at all. It is dead space - about 2 feet under the roof rafters. No insulation.

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Ron Natalie

Is this already a finished space?
You don't have to worry about bored holes or other securing when pulling through existing ceilings.
What is the kind of ceiling? If it is a suspended ceiling it does need to be held up off it.

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If the attic space is more than 6 feet from an access point or not accessible, installing the cable on top of the joists is permissible.

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