Windows for New Mid Range Custom Home

faulstrAugust 13, 2014

We ate building a very traditionallooking brick 2 story style home and want white (exterior and interior) double hung windows with colonial grills. we want the home to look more like an older home but not everything can be "authentic" because we have a budget. For reference, our build will be in $450-500k range with our lot being $65k additional. This is for ~3500 square foot home that I would consider mid range for a custom home (I.e. mostly brick, all hardwood flooring on both levels, inset cabinets, etc but no super high end finishes). Our builder bid Andersen 200 windows but when we saw them we weren't super impressed with them as a wood window bc we thought there was still a lot of plastic on the interior sides. So we priced Marvin Integrity windows but they came back $6-8k more than Andersens and we really need to save not add at this point. So since we are doing white interiors anyway, we thought about going with a nice quality vinyl window and my husband can add extra wood casing around the windows so would you really notice the windows too much by the time you add that extra trim, blinds and window treatments. Going with the Simonton Brickmould 600 will save $12k from the Andersen 200s. My husband says lots of people in the subdivision have vinyl windows. We will be middle of the road home - some may be a little cheaper than ours but some are in the $700k-$1m range. Is the Simonton Brickmould 600 a good choice for this price range of home? I am also trying to get a quote on Soft Lite Bainbridge windows but not sure where they fall in price or quality wise to the others.

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Windows on Washington Ltd

Where is the home located?

There are better windows than the Simonton that have even a more wood-like interior to them.

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Home is in the St Louis MO area. I believe Okna and Sunrise are not available, but would love to know which windows would have a wood like appearance. When you say wood like, we do want white interiors even if they are wood. Just want to clarify if you mean the unit itself looks more like the stule of a wood window or were referring to faux wood vinyl interiors,

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Windows on Washington Ltd

Sunrise would be available in your area as would the Innovations by Home Guard.

If you have Soft-Lite, look at the elements as it has a bit nicer line to it and better performance than the Bainbridge.

Okna makes their EnviroStar that has the metal handle on the interior which is a nice option to soften the synthetic look of the window.

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The Soft Lite Element is 50% more so not sure that would be the savings were looking for in going with vinyl. Would the Pro or Bainbridge be a better look?

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Interesting - the Soft Lite Bainbridge quote was above the Andersen 200 and not too far below the Marvin Integrity wood Ultrex. I was considering vinyl to save money so looks like I'll probably decide between Simonton Brickmould 600 or if I really want wood then the Andersen 200 or Marvin Integrity Wood Ultrex.

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Windows on Washington Ltd

Have you had any luck finding a Sunrise or Innovations dealer.

I don't normally see the Bainbridge so close to the Andersen 200 or Integrity number.

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I would price out the Pro and price the Simonton Prism Platinum/5500 which is also available with applied handle. My guess is the Sunrise will come in on the high side.

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