can new ucl led lights be wired with the over sink led?

scrappy25March 4, 2014

I think I would like one switch to turn on the under cabinet over counter LED strips and the over sink LED light. However the UCL's are low voltage with a transformer and the over sink LED is direct voltage. Can these be wired to turn on together and dim together?

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Sure, as long as the dimmer is compatible with both types of lights. Are you sure you want a dimmer? Seems like an application where on/off might be sufficient. (I've been running around the house eliminating the gratuitous dimmers our electrician put everywhere. For some reason, no matter how small or inconvenient it is some members of my household find and use the dimmer slider to turn the lights off, or almost so. With three way switches this means I end up stumbling through the dark to get to the other side of the room to turn the lights on.) Sometimes on/off is much better, I'd think of a kitchen as such a place..

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