My first mosaic

cajunlady68September 9, 2011

I finally finished cutting all the small finishing pieces for my first mosaic. I still have to glue them in and grout, but this gives an idea of what the finished product will be. It took a while but I did it. I don't think I will take on such a big job again. At least for a while.

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Here is a link to see the progression and inspiration for this piece!cpZZ1QQtppZZ12

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OHMYGOODNESS. I remember when you started this. It's absolutely fantastic. GEESH - how long ago was that you first posted here and gave the beginning WIP picture? You've done an outstanding job on this. NOBODY w/dream that this is a first mosaic. It's soooooooooo perfect. Take a deeeeeeeeeep bow - BRAVO.

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I work in an area that is hot in summer and cold in winter. So getting the perfect days to work on it was hard, plus a little procrastination. And I'll have to admit cutting all those small pieces was a little intimidating. Hopefully soon I'll have it finished, though.

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Seriously, that is your first mosaic? Looks like a professional job done by someone who's been mosaicing for years ... I am just flabbergasted. Beautiful beautiful.

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I am amazed that this is only your first mosaic! It looks like you have been doing this for years. Awesome!

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Wow, that is an absolutely amazing piece of art. You've obviously got an eye for form and color. This is stunning!

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Thanks so much. It has taken a long time because I had to do it between my husbands many eye surgeries and drs. visits. But I have enjoyed the challenge. I hate to grout it though. I have gotten used to seeing it the way it is. I have seen how the look of other mosaics has changed after grouting and it worries me.

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You are right to be concerned. I will say that "usually" grouting changes your mosaic for the better; it pulls it together and enhances it. However, sometimes if you choose the wrong color it just messes everything up. I have had that happen before when I use white or off-white grout. The color that works best for me 99% of the time is a soft pale brown. Many others feel that black is always best, and I have sometimes used black to best advantage. Do you have several colors of grout on hand already? If so, you can add some dry grout to your mosaic, stand back and look at it, and get an idea of what it will look like. Just shake or blow the dry grout away after checking it out. I have also been reduced to painting the grout if I chose the wrong color and then didn't like it. Can't wait to see the finished piece.

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I have had suggestions of dark gray grout. But I like your suggestion of the dry grout. I will probably use that idea. Has anyone ever used different color grout for different sections of their mosaic?

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Its fantabulous!
Your color combining of the tiles is amazing and very artful.
People do use different color grouts. I've done it once but it was pretty subtle. I'm planning on much more dramatic on my current project.
Putting the dry grout in small parts of your project is a good idea. I vacuumed it out with my cheapo hand vacuum which I immediately emptied, but I guess it could have ruined it. This time I'm coloring grout with tints all which is liquid, so I'm going to make some samples to lay on the mosaic to decide.
Good luck. Grouting is fun, though scarey.

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I grout different sections with different colors sometimes. It's easier than you would think. I tape off a section with blue painters tape (Lowes, Home Depot) and grout it. I wait until it is completely dry, then I tape the grouted section off and grout the adjoining section a different color. Sometimes that's your best option.

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That's a great idea about using the tape. I have a couple of questions about tinting the grout. What do you use to tint the grout? And, do you use a base of white grout?

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That is a gorgeous work of art! So beautiful.

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Amazing. You are truly an artist. The cutting, the placement, the shading -- outstanding.

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Beautiful, just beautiful!! Great job for yur 1st. No one wud ever know it's a 1st..

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That is just so pretty I love it!!! You could grout with ether color grey or the brown and go back in and pant the high lights .I have started doing this and I love the look.I use metallic colors .Just makes it pop.

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