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norar_ilApril 29, 2012

Not being sure where this should be asked, I'm putting it in a couple of places.

My son-in-law is building a playset outdoors for his children. He is using left-over wood from his attic flooring (I think it's pressed wood -- has wood chips showing) for the deck (about 4 feet off the ground) of the playset. Will this be safe left unfinished? It's about 4ftX4ft with the only bracing being around the edges. It will currently hold his weight -- over 200 pounds, so he says it will be fine for the little guys.

I thought that type of wood was meant to be covered up, protected from the elements, but the older I get, the less sure I am of anything, so I would like some advice from those who use this product, or have built something like this for their children. Thank you so much.


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Most OSB used in general construction isn't waterproof although it has some degree of water resistance. While there would be better choices, several coats of a good quality exterior paint covering both faces and the four edges would be a good start.

A four foot span for OSB seems a bit much to me, even for something that will see relatively light loads. I'd think splitting that distance with another cross member would be a good idea.

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Thank you so much. I'll let him know.

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