Identifying the wood and what wood for tabletop?

SheeshareeIIApril 13, 2009

I'm not having a bunch of luck finding information online and was hoping someone here would be able to help.

I want to replace the top of this table. I planned on having a piece of wood made for inside and am going to stain it darker. I don't want the new top to match the existing finish. I don't know what type of wood the table is and others I've questioned don't know either.

Would it matter if the top isn't an exact match (type of wood) since I'll be staining? I was thinking of using either maple or birch? Oak isn't an option because I don't want all the grain. Ideas as to what would be best?

I'm sure someone is going to say have a professional look at it but I live out in the middle of nowhere and I honestly don't know who I would call. I'd have the top made (and most likely finished because it would be easier) through my Dad's work. I just need to figure out what I want.


the best pic I have to represent true colors.

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I'd recommend you use maple. From reading your post, it sounds like you want to remove the tile and have a circular piece of wood dropped in place. Was this a project you wanted to do yourself?

I'd recommend you simply have the top replaced. The top can be detached from the apron and a new one put in its place in a matter of minutes. You simply call a cabinet making shop or a skilled woodworker in your area, tell him the diameter of the table top you want and choose a profile to router the edge.

Woodwork Safely,
Jim Barry

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Yep you're right about me wanting to remove the tile and dropping a piece of wood in the top. NO, I wouldn't be doing this myself. The only thing I'll at least try and help with is removing the tile.

I'll throw around the idea of replacing the whole top. I was aiming for just the middle piece because I like the rest (of the top and the whole table) and I also assumed it would be cheaper.

If I were to have the whole top replace do you still think I should use maple? I'm open to suggestions on other types of wood to use too.


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Looks like rubberwood to me. This is not grown in the U.S.A. It's easy to find inexpensive furniture built from it, but it's not generally stocked as lumber. Woods that are easy to find here will not be a perfect match, so you're probably better off looking for a wood that makes a pleasant contrast.

Pulling out the tile and replacing it with wood is trickier than you imagine. I wouldn't expect an attractive, durable job to be cheap.

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Jon - Thanks for that link! The description does sound like that very well could be it.

My Dad will be removing the tile. I'm sure me "helping" will turn into me "watching". :) I'm going to have the top done through his work. The cost will be cheaper but still not cheap. I wouldn't attempt to do this myself.

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