rock tumbler

redpandasmomSeptember 21, 2008

I have seen postings about tumbling glass and cut china for mosaics in a rock tumbler. Why do you do this and do you put steel shot and water or grit in the tumbler? Does it dull the designs on the china pieces? I have found a Lortone on Craig's List for $25.00 that seems like a great price. Thanks for your help.

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I use a tumbler for most of my glass pieces. Not fond of glass cuts **IF** I can avoid them. Only tumble for about 30-40 min, just water most of the time. Do use sand and a little aquarium gravel if I want a beach glass look (3-5 days required for that in mine). With regard to tumbling china DO NOT tumble if it has a gold or silver rim or decoration - it'll wear off really quick. Probably end up with frit if you use steel shot with either glass or china. As long as you only leave them for a short time the pattern is usually OK...when in doubt, just tumble a piece or two with a load of something else just to test it, but be sure to check on it every 10-15 minutes.

Don't know anything about a Lortone, so hope someone else chimes in on that. Mine's the cheapie single barrel one from Hob Lob and it's lasted a coupe of years so far.


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That is a great price for a lortone if it's in good shape. The cheapest Lortone goes for around $80 new. The cheapie I got from Harbor Freight is basically a Chinese knockoff of the Lortone.

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I concur with what curbdiver and gin gin say - I have two Lortones and I highly recommend them and the price on Craigs List is really a good deal.

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I got my tumbler "imported" from Texas!lol! By Slowmedown! Cheaper than buying it here!! I use mine with a drop of dishsoap, tile,dishes or glass...with water just covering everything and tumble for 20 minutes. It's just to get the sharpness off the edges. I have never needed to use grit of anykind...but I would if I wanted to polish stones or do beach glass. $25 is a good deal..snap it up!!!

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I bought a little tumbler from Harbor Freight, too. But I'm so lazy... have no place to get stuff out.. put it while tumbling. So... I use the suggestion that someone here had some time ago and put the pieces in a lidded container with water and a drop of dish soap... and do the *shake* *shake* *shake* dance for a few minutes. :) It takes off the sharp parts and that's all I'm after.

However... you need to understand that I've only broken and shaken and stored the pieces. Haven't actually MADE them into anything yet! Good grief! One day. :)


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I even got a little creative. Couldn't find a rock tumbler and couldn't afford a new one, so found an electric ice cream maker. I just tilt it a little and tumble away. Havenn't had any problems so far and just use dish soap and water.


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