anneinva_2009September 23, 2011

do you think if i mosaic directly on mailbox it will crack due to conracting and expanding metal? a friend of mine did it on mesh. would that make a difference. Hers held up fine. I would prefer to go right on the metal but i dont want it to crack right away.I plane to use GE II and sanded grout. or i could use thinset.



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Whatever you do, DO use the GE II. I used "something else", another silicone, and when grouting the moisture (I am guessing) loosened a few pieces. The silicone I used peeled off the backs of the pieces. I should have roughed up the surface much more, as well.
Live and learn!

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I have done a mail box and other met. using thinset with no problem.I am doing a bird bath using a dish satellite I am using thinset.

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