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momof3_stepof1August 29, 2011

So.... SS wasn't feeling well at all on Saturday night. He had some issues I don't want to get into... nothing psychological though. :) Anyway, dh called bm on our way there. It was about 10:30. (I work for the hospital and had just been there for 12 hours... DID NOT want to go back... but didn't have a choice)... As soon as dh told her what was going on she immediately says "What the f%&*, DH"... raising her voice. My dh immediately stated that he didn't do this to him and he wouldn't be talking to her in this manner, he would hang up. She calmed down a tad and asked to speak to ss. My dh looked at me and tipped the cup... as in to say she's been drinking.

So..... we're waiting at the ER to go back to a room and bm calls him again. She states that there is nothing wrong with ss and he's just trying to get attention from my dh. That my dh doesn't give him enough attention and he's craving it. She thinks he needs to spend one on one time with ss away from dh's "other" kids. OMG!!!! I want to slap the s%$& out of this woman!!! She picks up and leaves ss with us and moves out of state only to see him every so often and she's accusing my dh of being the one to not pay attention to him. On Saturday while I was working the college had a big thing going on... dh took ds11, ds8 and ss to it after football practice. The college football players were out mingling, signing autographs and such... so were the coaches and cheerleaders. The boys LOVED it. They had a great day with dh. (Dh is star struck by the college players as well, so his day was great too LOL).... there was no reason for ss to all of a sudden have this issue over attention. BM wants dh to spend this one on one time with only ss.... she doesn't want him to do it with the other two who are his as well... (remember, this is ds11 dad too cause it's the only one he's ever know... at this point by dh's choice) It pisses me off so bad that she thinks her little angel should be spoiled rotten by us... obviously she's void of any responsibility.... and my kids can go to hell as far as she's concerned. UGH!!! I just hate her. This is just another excuse for her not to want him seen by a medical doctor... she has NO knowledge of the medical profession, she just thinks she knows it all and wants nothing to do with any of it. Dh said it was pretty obvious she was wasted though... I wish she'd just drink one too many......

On another note... dh filed title iv d today!!! It's all done.. well, it'll be awhile before anything really gets done but it's filed. He asked the lady today if it would state that he filed. She told him that it shouldn't matter. He wasn't doing this to her or for him... he's doing it for the best interests of his son. That got him and he signed. Woooohoooo!! Thank God!

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Hope SS is feeling better today.

Except to call and inform his mother that child is going to hospital and an after call about what results of trip were, I would not take her calls while she is drinking. Not much more that I hate worse than a drunk. One can't talk to them, can't reason with them and I just totally have no use for one.

As far as one on one with the children. Pfft to BM. With that said, I do agree that children need one on one as individuals with their parent. Does not even have to be big exciting and/or expensive stuff. Catch in the back yard while others are doing something else (homework?) ride along to store so can have son/dad talks. Just little things that might involve 1/2 an hour. Being you're having enough trouble with money right now it's silly to think DH can just take one kid at a time to events...he works overtime on top of the money shortage so he just has to think up little things to spend a bit of one on one. The kids should be getting a bit of one on one with you too (even stepson)

But for Miss Moved Away to let loose on a rip about a kid needing attention, while she lost that tirade rights when she packed up and drove away.

Woot-woot on the filing. Glad he finally went through with it. She gets some notification on that now, don't talk to her if she's drunk. There's no need to waste time trying to discuss something while someone is drunk. It can wait until they are sober and have their sense together.

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JMT... I agree the kids need that... they already get that. She just wants dh to take ss alone and do big things with just him. That's probably not going to happen. Like you said... it's too expensive and it's also gonna get the kids upset that they can't go too. DH helped ss with homework big time last night... well, so did I. They all get that time. Plus they all get little bits of it elsewhere.

DH hates talking to bm period let alone when she's drunk. That's one reason he didn't want to file for this iv d thing. But he did it. Thank God. He also doesn't like her talking to ss while drunk. I'm sure though that he's with her and she's drunk so it's not gonna be worse talking to her on the phone... it's got to be better.

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