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kohler123August 19, 2013

Hi. I live in southeastern Wisconsin and I'm looking at replacing our 2 entry doors with fiberglass doors. In doing my research it seems that Provia is the clear leader in doors, but also substantially more money. I do not necessarily need the best, but I still want a quality door. The following are the names of companies I've been suggested: Polaris, Homeguard, Therma-tru, and Plastipro (not sure I spelled that one right). I've also recently been suggested Albany doors as one that is a very good door just below the quality of Provia. I can't find any information in terms of quality of Albany doors. Does anybody have any info on them? The place that sells them carries Provia, Albany and Therma-tru. The person I talked to said they don't try to sell the Therma-tru unless the buyer is adimate as they are not near the quality of the other 2 brands.

I was also suggested to replace the front door with fiberglass but use steel still in the door to the garage. Is that common practice?

Thanks for all your help. I used this forum when just replacing my windows and it was key to my decision.

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Provia is a very solid door but I think the benefits to that door come down more to the fit and finish as compared to many of the competitive options.

That being said, the manufacturers that you listed all make a fine product as well.

I am not familiar with Albany but a fire rated steel door between the garage and home would be a standard application.

I would recommend you look at the other items in question and decide on the fit an finish differences personally.

Any of the nicer door mentioned, installed correctly, will serve your purposed quite well.

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I talked to another company today that sells Provia, Albany and Homeguard. He at first only told me he sells Provia. Upon further asking he said he does sell Albany and Homeguard but since Provia is so much better they try to sell only them. I asked him about the quality between Homeguard and Albany and he said they are both good with Albany being a better all around door than Homeguard. Thank you for any and all advice on this issue.

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Polaris/Homeguard (use same slabs, just assembled in by different companies)
Thermatru, Albany

That is how I'd order the options that you've seen so far. Any of the choices are better than what you would typically find in a box store, however as Windows on Washington mentioned the "fit and finish" is the biggest difference across the board. That is not to minimize it however, as that is key in getting it installed smoothly to seal and operate.

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Thanks for the advice guys. I got my first quote from Albany and Provia fiberglass doors and the Provia is less than $200 dollars more for both doors so it seems to be a no brainer to go with Provia. The quotes include all removal of the old doors, new interior trim and exterior cladding, installation and tax. How does the following numbers look to you guys? Just wondering if the quote is fair.

Provia 6 panel fiberglass door (Heritage series) in white:

Provia 6 panel fiberglass door with sidelight (Heritage series) in white interior and gray exterior with grids and privacy glass in sidelight:

Thank you again for all the help and suggestions.

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That is better than fair...that is super low.

Make sure they are specifying proper consumables (i.e. door pan, spray foam, cladding, etc.) at that price.

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They do specify everything but the spray foam. I will have to ask them about the specifics of that and have it added to the quote. They also specify Solar Seal caulk... I have not heard of this caulk. Is this a quality caulk?

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Yes, solar seal is a very good sealant.

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super price. does it come with hardware or at least prepped for hardware? is it a full frame door or l-frame replacement?

Make sure it includes
÷ Professionally measured
÷ Removal & Disposal of the existing Door
÷ Professionally prepare your home for installation,
÷÷÷ at least Insulate around window opening with fiberglass insulation
Insulate around opening with OSIî WINTeQ⢠TeQ::Foam⢠Window & Door Foam
÷ ÷ Caulk around door opening (paint grade latex caulk on interior and Quad silicone on the exterior
÷ Test your new windows to ensure proper operation
÷ Clean up once the job is done

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I just finished pricing out some similar doors.

I am not sure how or why they are doing the door for that price.

When people see a super low is for a reason. If the "company" (I put that in quotes because "Chuck in a Truck" is not planning on being around or carrying any of the procedures and insurances as part of that business model) is super low, I would be equally as concerned...if not the company that is super high.

If you are near Milwaukee, HomeSealed is the guy you need to talk to.

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I agree, contact " homesealed".
Whomever is attempting to sell you a provia lower than cost is either an idiot who doesnt care about losing money or some hack that needs beer money.
No way will you get a professional job at those ridiculous prices. In fact, i can pretty much guarantee you will be back on this board asking how your butchered door project can be fixed, it aint worth it.

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I am seeking some additional quotes, but I have been checking into the company that gave the quote and they are a very respected company in the area that has been in business since the 1950s (not a handyman out of a truck). I have met with their install crew and had them walk me through their install beginning to end including showing me all their products used (caulk, spray foam, etc) and so far it is all checking out. It is the same procedure and materials suggested on here and given by the other companies that are still in the process of giving me quotes (still waiting after 2 weeks). So far the company in question has been very prompt with any questions and has been more than happy to grant any of my requests (see products used, talk to install crew, ect.) I will wait to see how their quote stacks up against the other local companies I'm waiting on for quotes.

Thank you again for all the advice guys.

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I forgot to mention that they are using existing hardware for the door (locks and handles). It is a full frame replacement and the exterior will be aluminum cladded and they are replacing interior trim with matching trim. They are disposing of both old door units.

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So I received my next 2 quotes yesterday and they are both within $200 dollars in overall price to my first quote on the doors. I have asked around town and both companies are very well liked in the community with great reputations. Could it be that prices for Provia doors are just lower in my area?... or is there something I'm missing. I looked up Homesealed and he does not extend far enough north for my area.... but maybe he could comment if the prices I'm seeing are way out of line for Wisconsin. After seeing 3 quotes and they all coming in so close to each other I'm starting to think that it may be the norm.

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I'd have to agree with the other guys that those prices are extremely low. I will say though that as you get farther from Milwaukee, you can expect to see lower prices in the outlying communities, particular if these are contractors with fairly low overhead (small or no location, owner is installer, etc). Most established medium sized companies would be operating at a loss at those prices, so if you feel confident that you'll get a good install and that the company will be around to service you in the future, I suppose it sounds like a great deal.

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kohler123 we are in your area and in search of a fiberglass entry door with side lites. Looking at Provia, Homeguard and Therma Tru. Did you go with the Provia door? How did the install turn out, were you happy with the contractor? If you wouldn't mind can you pass their name along if that is allowed?

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I'd be interested in hearing from the OP as well, as I can't see how a door could be installed by a professional for around the wholesale cost of the unit alone. Someone was desperate for work, or it it was a bait and switch where extra costs were added after the fact.
Double those prices from a reputable dealer with a location that you can visit and will be around to service you in the future.

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No way to do that job with any margin at that number. Prepare to have the phone not be picked up in the future.

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