Need Suggestions For Pub Bar Materials

Suzi AKA DesertDanceApril 29, 2013

First let me say, we love to entertain, and sports are always on TV if our teams are playing.

Our old "new" house has this (view it the moment you enter the front door) apparition built inside of another room, mainly for load bearing support. We decided to make it into a Pub/Media room.

Sorry for the bad photo. Crews have removed paneling and are going to build the wall to bar height to accommodate those who are outside, looking in.

Most bars have wooden bar tops. I've searched the web extensively to no avail.

This house is in county, not city, and local wood-workers are rare. Most are ranchers or farmers, and their days are full.

Any opinions on where to find a good wood-worker who can build a curved wooden bar top and finish it to reject spills? Should we go with a wood-look fake laminate? We could do granite, but it's so boring...........

All your ideas are welcome!

Thank You!


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You could easily cut a plywood curved top and cover it with pennies, then use the pourable "bartop" resins.

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Suzi AKA DesertDance

Wish I saved my pennies! I bet I could cover it with quarters! Sheesh!

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or beer bottle caps, labels, broken bits of glass. You can get really creative with epoxy resins. Make sure you use the right material for the job. There are different resins for base coats and filling in the voids, and ones for the topcoats.

The top coat resins are designed to level out to make a uniform finish coating of about 1/8" thickness. This resin is tough, and designed to withstand heavy wear.

The filling resin is designed to perform over a much wider range of thickness, from a thin binder coat, to over an inch in thickness in a single pour. This resin is not tough enough for surface wear. It needs an overcoating of the finish resin.

A note about working with resins: Follow the instructions PRECISELY! If it says equal parts, use equal parts. I use disposable cups for this. If it says mix for 2 minutes, then pour it into a new container, use a new stir stick, then mix for another 2 minutes scraping the sides and bottom of the container... etc, etc.. You get the idea. Follow the instructions. Have many disposable containers, cups, and stir sticks. Use electricians tape to mask off the bottom edge, where drips will form.

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