Solar to low voltage

dixiesmomMarch 30, 2012

I already have the low voltage lights, but they are the cheap plastic Malibu set. I wanted to replace them. But all the pretty new lights are solar. I have them in deep shade areas. I wonder if anyone has converted solar to low voltage. It seems it would only require slipping the top globe part over the post. I don't need the LED to work. Does this make sense? When did Solar get to be less expensive than electric?

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I don't care for the look and color of solar and they need to be in good sunlight to regenerate themselves. There are high end low voltage which I have. I do believe there is a solar feed that can be placed in the sun to feed the solar lights in the shade but they still generate a very faint purplish color light.

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No, you can just slip the globe on the old light and have it work. They are two completely different systems and arrangements.

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