Wooden screens and storms

rawbAugust 7, 2013

H all...
My house windows have a wood frame on the outside of the original double hung windows (circa 1915-20) that the screens and storms slide into, from the inside of the house.

The screens and storms have a bull tongue on top an and the bottom of the top window has the groove for the lower to go up into, the sides of the windows have the groove where as the frame has the tongue.. whew... so....

Is there anyone familiar with this? As I need to make some replacements for some windows that are missing.

Are there any specific router bits for doing this?
Trying to find info on this, there ain't any,seems to be a forgotten trade, or a secret no one wants to share! As I try to explain that I have wooden storms and screens that remove and installf from the inside, people look at me like I have a third eye!

How they stay in, you ask? There are locking screws on the frames. Some have finger knobs, some flat tip screw heads, some a combo of both.

In advance Thanks for any info N E 1 may have.


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Pictures would certainly help us determine exactly what your looking for.

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LoL " pics would be nice ", & I will try to do that since I started this thread.
I finally found someone at a local non big box hardware store that knew exactly what I was talking about. He told me that there wasn't no standard and depending on the carpenter depended on what storm and screen window treatment a house got. Find that hard to believe myself.
Maybe in style and workmanship, but still was a builder and blueprints. but then again it still was way before my time and for that fact. my grandpa's birth..And have no idea what leeway was given to the workmen.

Geesh how frustrating, looks like at this point will have to recreate the frames and make my own tongue and groove system.

Wil get pics up so y'all can expand your knowledge...

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