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mikemrMarch 10, 2010

Has anyone put their main electrical service (320A single-phase) in a large shop/outbuilding and then run their dwelling's service as a subpanel? The house will be small and efficient to heat, geothermal heat pump and all that good stuff so the house should be more than happy with a 200A panel.

The reasoning is: I don't want to pay for two meters every month for the rest of my life, and I want to build the outbuilding first.

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I think you could build the outbuilding first and get a temporary power feed. Then the main at the house.

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I've seen this done - the "house" was a modular home, installed after the garage was built.

A friend's father when I was growing up also lived in a mobile home that he had run as a subpanel from his garage, but I don't consider that place to be an example of what *should* be done anyway since the breaker box was lying on the ground in a crawlspace, and accessing it required moving the livingroom couch and disassembling part of the wall.

Gotta love redneckville.

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Mike, what you propose is FINE. This is done all the time.

Just install the panel at the shop first and then to the house later.

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Thanks everyone!

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