Vinyl replacement windows

barb07August 30, 2010

I am getting quotes for vinyl replacement windows. I have looked at two window companies and have two more window people coming. I want a good Vinyl window. I have looked at a company called Midway and really like them. I also looked at Pella too, Midway seemed a little sturdier than the Pella. Does anyone know anything about Midway Windows & Doors? I would appreciate any input on good vinyl windows for a Midwest home.

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Pella vinyl windows are junk. I'm not familiar with Midway. I'd get at least 2 more estimates before deciding.

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I have narrowed my vinyl choice down to the following: Alside Sheffield, Midway (Alliance), Simonton and Soft-Lite Imperial LS. Any feedback on quality of these windows would be appreciated.

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I'd toss out the Sheffield. Softlite and Simonton are probably the 2 best of that grouping depending on what model Simonton you are looking at.

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Soft-Lite and Simonton are two of the best.

Gorell, Sunrise, and Okna are the last 3 on my short list.

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SKYDAWGGY--Which Simonton should I put in? I want a good solid window. I appreciate your help, I never thought there were so many window companies!!!!!!!

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My first choice would be the Prism Platinum, followed by the Reflections 5500. Basically the same window but the Platinum comes with double strength glass and a 25 year glass breakage as standard. The Reflections comes standard with single strength glass. If you upgrade it to double strength, the glass warranty is only 3 years.

If you're on a very tight budget, you should look at the Prism Bronze or the Reflections 5500. Just make sure you get the right glass for your area.

I also recently started carrying the PGT Spectraguard. I like them very much too. If they are available to you, I'd check them out.

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Sorry I miss typed. If you are on a tight budget look at the Reflections 5050.

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I love my Simonton 5500 Reflections, mainly because my DW likes them and they were far from being budget breakers.

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