Andersen A-Series

cvetteAugust 7, 2010

I just saw Andersen's A-series window. It's quite a nice window. It appears to be wood interior with vinyl exterior sashes and a Fibrex frame. Any opinions or comments on it? How long has it been offered?

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hmm, no responses. I've since learned that they use a fiberglass sash and the product line was introduced within the last year.

Since we had decided on the A-Series, I went to cancel my Marvin appointment and the rep reminded me of the Integrity line. I had only considered the Ultimate at this point. Andersen's A-Series appears to be very comparable to Marvin's Wood-Ultrex Integrity. Any opinions on the comparison?

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I wish I could edit posts...

Several times I have read on this site that the Marvin Integrity has a poor sill design for drainage. I just read a post where MightyAnvil mentioned it. In another post someone suggested adding an additional piece during installation to prevent problems. Finally in my window notes I copied this note from someone:
"Marvin seems to have forgotten how to make a sill relying on an ugly reglet at the sill nose to act as a drip"

I'm not sure what that means but I'd greatly appreciate anyone who can explain why the sill is a poor design. Thanks, Chris.

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I've never had a problem with a sill on a Marvin window. I had complaints about the weather striping on the bottom sash on Integrity but that was redesigned this spring. Since then everyone seems happy and I have used their new weather stripping on the old design where customers had concerns.

From past experience I wouldn't use and Anderson window until it was on the market for a few years. They often have problems with air infiltration and it isn't until a few years of complaints that it is addressed.

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