How many Romex connectors are allowed through a connector?

tom418March 21, 2012

I'm adding a multiwire circuit which I ran last week. It's time to hookup to the breaker box (GE TM2020CCU). The problem is that all of the knockouts are used on top, where my romex comes from. To preserve a "clean look" around the plywood where the box is mounted on, I'd like to enter through the top.

I noticed that the electrician passed two, sometimes even three romex cables through one cable connector. Is this allowed (three cables)? I would be adding a 14-3 to a connector that has two 14-2 cables through it.

I'm planning on adding a subpanel in the future, with this new cable added to the subpanel. Should I use one of the concentric knockouts on the side for now, and then enlarge it when I add a nipple to feed the sub panel? I will need to make a hole then anyway.

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Title should have been: How many Romex CABLES can pass through a connector! Sorry...

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Check the listing of the cable clamp.

Only one unless it is specifically listed for more than one.

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Ok then, that solves that problem...
The existing panel is crowded anyway, with almost all of the breakers being thin ones THQP series. The neutral/ground bars are getting crowded too :(

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"The neutral/ground bars are getting crowded too"

Some panels are listed for more than one ground in holes in the bar.

NONE are listed for more than a single neutral though.

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Brickeye, how about one neutral and one ground in the same hole?

I noticed that the panel installer did this several times. I guess he wanted a "neat" panel, since when this was done, the neutral and its corresponding ground were in the same hole. Was that allowed?

There are numerous empty holes in the neutral/ground bars. Should I take the grounds away from holes containing neutrals and relocate them to empty holes??

And getting back to my original post: I did find one, unused knockout in the top left of the panel. It's concentric, but I was able to open the smallest opening, and used a new connector for my 14-3. That problem solved. Thanks.

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"how about one neutral and one ground in the same hole? "

Not allowed.

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The NEC does not really address this issue. It does however detail in 110.3(B) to use UL listed or labeled products in accordance with any instructions included in the listing or labeling. The best efforts would be to check the connector manufacturer�s listing or instructions.

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Ron Natalie

Brick is right in both his answers. Only one in both cases unless labeled otherwise. Frequently you'll see NM bushings that are approved for two 14-2's. Some bus bars are marked to permit multiple wires under a screw.

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"Some bus bars are marked to permit multiple wires under a screw."
Only for grounds.

Check the listing.

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