What kind of wires are these??

BennyJWMarch 11, 2014

I opened up a 4-gang wallplate in our kitchen with blank inserts to see what's inside. The attached photo shows the wiring inside. There are about eight of these wires hand labelled A-G. Does anyone know what these are? My best guess is that that they are speaker cables. There are in-wall Polk Audio speakers in the kitchen. But these don't look like typical speaker cables that I've ever seen. The wallplate is right above the counter.

We bought the house about 2 years ago, but the house is ~80 years old so who knows when this was installed.

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No idea. That's something the previous owner cobbled together.
That is nothing standard right there.

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Perhaps some remote control for the audio? Do you know where the wires go to? Any other blanks around the house you haven't opened?

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Could have been for an intercom.

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If its In the kitchen it's prob an intercom. The main intercom box usually goes I the kitchen. The letters are prob letters to tell you which room it is.

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It could also be what remains of an old low voltage switching system like TouchPlate or Remcon for instance. These systems used low volt wires at each switch location for the lighting, and often there was a master switch box somewhere that would control many or all of the lighting from one location. The relays were located near the electrical panel. These systems were "state of the art" and normally used in high end homes.

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The master switch for low-voltage relay systems typically was in the bedroom. Convenient to darken the whole house at night or to turn on everything in case of suspected break-in. Having all the lights come on sure confuses an intruder.

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