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desertsurvivorAugust 19, 2011

I live in extreme heat, sun and wind storms. I need relatively inexpensive replacement vinyl windows that will not warp or fade and I have been trying to purchase such a thing for nearly a year!

I understand that warranties for cheap windows are usually kind of a scam, correct? However,I hope to not stay in the house more than a couple years. On the other hand, I refuse to install total crap and set myself up for potential headaches. (It's bad enough that these things are made of petroleum and never decompose, but are just manufactured to deteriorate and loose function). Can anyone give me some good advice on brands?

I had an attractive quote for Alside, but have found a lot of negative feedback about them online. The same company installs Armstrong and Jeldwen. Another company we've talked to sells Weathershield and Peachtree. Another installer gave me a decent quote for Cascade, but I can't find much information about any of these online. I have heard good things about Milgard, Simonton and Andersen. Other suggestions? The problem is that even if these companies make quality windows and I decide I can afford them, our climatic conditions are exceptional.

I could really use some professional advice or anecdotes from people in the Southwest who have had reliable windows installed for a long period of time.


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Hot climates are hard on vinyl windows. Cheaper products can bow, sag, and and warp in as little as two years.

If you are considering Simonton, make sure you get the optional sash reinforcement. Milgard makes a decent vinyl windows as well. Andersen's vinyl products are low-end, IMO.

You might also consider thermally-broken aluminum windows.

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Thanks, Ultra. Can you explain thermally-broken aluminum? Would that be comparable in price to decent vinyl?

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A good quality thermally broken aluminium window will likely cost more than a comparable vinyl window.

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Thermally broken refers to its construction in that the aluminum is not continuous between the inside surface to the outside surface.

Aluminum is highly conductive and therefore a great transfer substrate for energy to flow either in or out of the home.

A thermally broken window, door, etc interrupts that continuous material with a material that is far less conductive.

Here is a link that might be useful:

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Thanks for the information. Does anyone have an objective opinion on Cascade or Bristol?

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... or AMSCO or Paramount?

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The quotes keep coming in. I had no idea there were so many companies, but which ones know how to build a vinyl window for the 117 degrees outside right now? What about Weather Shield?

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Not sure where your looking or searching but none of the companies you have listed in the 2 previous posts would be considered quality form my point of view, and Weather Shield vinyl I would not consider at all. Do a search on this site for Vinyl Windows, you will see several brands that keep popping up both good and bad. Then search out dealers in your area for that brand of window. Tell them what you want instead of letting them bring the window to you!

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my bad i meant to say "NOT" be considered quality from my point of view.

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