Got my Gorell new construction quote--thoughts?

yogi_bear_79August 6, 2010

We actually have 28 windows, three sliders, and two patio doors. Here are the basics of the pricing of the initial quote. We are awaiting a few changes almond versus white, screens for all opening windows and a second quote for their triple pane versions. I think I got an outstanding deal on these windows. Anybody think I can do better elsewhere? I've read repeatedly on here that Gorell is one of the best in vinyl. The one point of discontent is they won't build the four parallelograms that we need. SO I am shopping them out to Soft-Lite at the moment.

Double Hung, EcoGlass, White, Prairie Grids

48 x 60 - $317.35

42 x 60 - $302.50

36 x 36 - $247.50

48 x 48 - $344.30 (tempered)

Awning , EcoGlass, White, Prairie Grids

48 x 36 - $415.66

Fixed, EcoGlass, White, Prairie Grids

24 x 24 - $212.85 (tempered)

36 x 80 - $320.10 (tempered)

Trapezoids, EcoGlass, White

36 x 70 x 62.5 - $631.40

26 x 53 x 45 - $441.65

Patio Doors: EcoGlass, White, Prairie Grids

2 lite Slider - 72 x 80 - $858.00

Single Panel In swing  36 x80 $869.55

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I would not buy double hung windows in those proportions. Gorell will warrant them but they will look terrible and out sync. The wider once will probably require 2 people to tilt in and clean due to the weight distribution. Are you replacing slider windows.

How much are they charging for installation?

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This is new construction. We are doing the installation ourselves. We considered sliders, but DW doesn't like them. These are all very accessible to clean from the outside. We are also waiting on a quote from Soft-Lite for some specialty shapes that Gorell won't make. I really doubt Soft-Lite is going to be able to come close to the price point of Gorell. However if they were, any thoughts on which is a superior product?

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I'll second what skydawggy is saying. Also vinyls that wide have a lot of movement in the check rail which leads to them having higher air infiltration rates. I had that problem as well as my parents after a few years with wide vinyl windows. I'd use narrower windows or switch to a stronger material.

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