Stain sticky after two days

soonermomApril 12, 2011

I have a small end table - possibly walnut - that we sanded (not down to the bare wood but to remove the varnish). We then wiped it down with a cloth and water and after it dried wiped it with paint thinner. After that dried, we applied Minwax oil-based stain with an old clean rag and one put one light coat on and the stain is still slightly sticky after 2 days. Where did we go wrong?

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What does "not down to the bare wood but to remove the varnish" mean? Removing the varnish generally means you've reached bare wood.

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If you failed to remove ALL the old finish the 'stain' is just sitting on top of whatever was left, and it may never dry completely (especially if the can was old or it is incompatible with the old finish remaining).

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After you applied the stain, did you wipe it off, or just applied it like paint?

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Minwax stain is designed to be applied to bare wood and all the excess wiped off after a few minutes. If both of these are not done, you will end up with sticky stain.

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