Exterior trim for windows...how wide?

magnusanskyAugust 16, 2011


Short time lurker, first time poster. =)

I've just bought a 34 year old house in the Pacific NW that currently has dark aluminum windows with a 1.5" exterior trim that just rests on top of the vertical cedar siding. I'm planning on replacing these windows with white Milgard Tuscany windows (nail fin replacement technique) so I get to choose what new trim width I would want to cover the cut-away siding.

At first, I thought 1.5" was too thin...and I was thinking of going with 2.5". But then one contractor mentioned that he had done a lot of 3.5" ones, but then I also got advice from a big box paint employee that 1.5" was the most common these days. I'm not convinced of any of these because I'm not sure how many windows the contractor has done recently (used to do new construction though...20 years ago), and the big box paint employee wasn't told what kind of house I had.

The problem with going greater than 1.5" is that the corners edges of the house, the exterior doors and the garage are all trimmed at 1.5", and I don't have any plans to replace them. Would it be odd to have 2.5" window trim, and 1.5" trim elsewhere?

And I guess what is most common width trim used these days for a house with vertical siding.


PS. here's a picture that includes a couple windows on the second floor, the edge trim of the house and also the top of the first floor window.

Please excuse the grime. =)

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Corner Boards are generally 3 1/2". If you have 1 1/2" Corner Boards I think it would look quite out of place to use a 3 1/2" Window Trim but that is just my opinion.

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Opinions are much appreciated. Thanks! =)

At this point, we're not planning on redoing any other trim (which means the corner boards, and door/garage trims will continue to be 1 1/2"), so yeah, I guess you're right...3 1/2" window trim would be odd.

Would the same be true for 2 1/2"?


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Personally with 1 1/2" corner boards I would stay with 1 1/2" window trim whether it be flat trim or a 1 3/4" brickmold style casing.

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As a followup, I chose the 1.5" (as I guess I could always replace it with wider in the future by just cutting away more siding). However, now that it is in, it looks a little odd. Not necessarily the width, but the depth. It was only 1" deep (they said 5/4"). But when it's in place, the window frame protrudes more than the trim. It's just a plain trim, so perhaps that's normal (since usually, I see either wider trim that I think is often flush or some sort of brick molding that I guess is meant to stick out more than the frame?)

Anyway, just wondering if this (trim recessed more than frame) is common.


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