And staining again.

CEFreemanApril 7, 2012

Hi all!

I'm still paralyzed about staining my maple butcher block. I've got it beautifully sanded and the edge routed. I don't want to mess it up.

I went to a place yesterday in Rockville, MD, called Industrial Finishes. OMG. Talk about too many choices!! I did end up buying a medium brown stain that looked beautiful on the maple sample.

Then I started reading again. Gotta quit doing that. Anyway, I realize maple is tough to stain, so I want to know about this "sealant" that should go on it first? What is it, how long. (I've read 24 hours). How to apply? Rag? Brush?

Then.... my horrified question about wood filler.

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There are a couple of books on coloring wood that are excellent.

Flexnor's book on Wood Finishing is like a bible.

woodNet has a finishing forum and several really experienced folks there.

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I've got the link to that from something you posted elsewhere.
I'll check out WoodNet, too.

Just afraid to screw it up. :(

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