slate mosaic steps wip

chickeemamaSeptember 17, 2007

Here are updated pics on my steps dh made for me.

I have covered 2 of the three steps now and thinset them down. I'm liking how they turned out so far.

I have learned a lot using the tile saw!!!! Measure 15 times cut once!!! I had a hard time getting the tile fence set up the same in the front as the back the lines on the saw is NOT accurate!

The DH had to show me how to set it all up. By that time I had already cut and thin set the first step, so that one did not turn out as good. Oh well live and learn!!!

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Wow - that's great!

Oh, to live in a climate where that's possible!

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That is looking great!
Aren't wet saws fun?
Except cleaning them, I hate cleaning them.
Are you going to use an enhancer/sealer when you're finished?

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ChickeeBABE! Those are going to be the best slate steps in the STATE! I like how you made each piece flow into the next. Great job!

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Wonderful job Chickee!
They are just beautiful! Love the slate you chose, and the pattern you did. Great job. How are you liking the wet saw?
We love ours. Hubby uses it more than I do.


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That's really awesome Chickee!!! are you gonna mosaic the planter too???? (wagging my tail) lol

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Thanks girls...I'm glad you like it cuz your opinion means sooo much!!!!

Wench- Is your climate to humid to do that? I know it seems a stupid question but I've always lived in Washington State so I don't know why you wouldn't be able to in your climate?

Linlee- I do really like the saw, you are right though it is a pain to clean out all that sludge!!! I am going to use the enhancer when Im done. I like them to look
like they do when they are wet.

Hazie- After this is done I probably won't be using the saw to much anymore either. But ya never know!!!

Nice- I am doing the planters too, I want it all done in slate!!!

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Chickee, you are a fast learner! Your steps look great! I love the pattern.

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WOWZA....very very nice!!! green with envy...!!! Lucky girl to have a husband who is "handy!" LOL..........You're doing a great job........!!!!

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Those steps are beautimous! Great job!

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Well L'il Miss Muffet - I don't know what your complaint is on the first one. You did GREAT on cutting, especially as a beginner. I LOVE the wet saw. That is a super job, and it looks so professional. Congrats to you both.

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My gosh those steps look fabulous.I love the slate on them. Hmmm, my steps are kinda ratty lookin I bet they'd look great like that,

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I love how your steps are turning out! It is beautiful!
I love our wet saw, too...I have claimed part ownership of it now myself! It does take some getting used to and it can be frustrating working with likes to crack, crumble and seperate! I still have a 3rd table to finish but I am encouraged to get it done, now.
It must be fun taking on such a big project and having it come together so well. Very nice! Very inspiring! Can't wait to see it all done!

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Very awesome! So cool that you did that yourself! Who needs contractors when you can rent/buy any tool imagineable and do any job imaginable! (A knowledgeable DH helps too! LOL)

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Love the colors you have! And what a great job.

We have slate on our back porch, and I love the look.

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Wow, those came out wonderful! I love that slate look


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you guys are gonna make my head swell!!! (I always thought it was to small anyhow!! ha ha!!!) I really am enjoying doing this, but our weather hear is definitely changing, I read the package on the thin set and it said as long as it was over 50 degrees, well it is but not by much, it got cold (for us anyways!) today. I sure hope the thin set sets up. The day I did the first step it was in the low 70's!!! I may have to wait until spring to finish the third step and the flower pots, hopefully not but I may have hoo!!!

I have always thought slate looked so good outside and it wasn't too expensive either!!!

Thank you again for all the encouragement, and the advice!

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Great job on the steps. Love all the colors & the placement you did. DH did a wonderful job on the cement work.

Our weather has changed too & I'm working in cement. Everything is taking longer now, Yuck. But it is supposed to get a little warmer towards the end of the week. Maybe your weather is the same.

I have a passiflora vine ready to bloom & finally my Endless Summer hydrangea has the beginnings of a bloom that I want to see before frost. I can never be satisfied. I have birdhouse gourds growing that I can't wait for frost to kill the vine because it is so ugly.

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Oh Thank You Chickee!!! I'm living vicariously thru you, as I REALLY wanted to mosaic my front door area with slate I've scrounged!!!! I LOVE the pattern you did!! Jane

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I absolutely love your steps! I would love to have that done on my steps, but they're so big it would take forever. Are they slippery when they're wet? I did some stepping stones with slate for the back yard, but they're not grouted yet. I have groutaphobia. Your color choice is just stunning. Love it.

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Jane- living through me vicariously huh? No wonder I've been feeling strange lately!! Ha ha... It will be so good when you are up and around and can start doing your stuff again!! Meanwhile I don't mind sharing my stuff!

Chickie- I chose slate because it seemed to be the least slippery things I have found..I can't say for sure because its not all done but I'm going by the slate I have walked on at other peoples houses. Groutaphobia huh? I've had my share of that! Only one way to get over it!! JUST DO IT!!

I really liked the colors in these boxes, of course you can't tell what they are going to be but I am trying to use them to there best advantage!!!

cacbeary- I got such a giggle fit over your wanting to kill that vine!!! I don't know why that struck me so funny..for your sake I hope it dies soon~~~

The weather is getting to cold quickly so we are going to grout the two steps this weekend and at least get that done and finish the rest in spring (yes I am whining as I type this!!!)

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No, No Chickee - don't wait til spring. You will have some more nice days left to grout. I'd keep cutting those tiles & wait for 3 nice days to put down & grout. There has to be 3 beautiful days left. We had low of 38 the other night & now we're back in the 50's. Getting up to 80 tomorrow.

I'm busy casting cement leaves right now to sell in the spring. And playing a little. I bought masks since it's halloween & making that green lady that sits in a bunch of leaves - looks like she's peeking her head out of the leaves. I'm ecstatic over her. I want to make a bunch more before it gets too cold. And some guys too. I'm on a hunt for some nice leaves - tricky part - mine are all too huge. And my camera broke & I can't even show her.

Don't give up yet - you can do it!

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Well, CACBEARY, I was just getting ready to whine to you to post your WIP of the Green Lady and then read that your camera is broken. Sorry about that, but GET ANOTHER ONE, QUICK!!! Wanna see your WIPs. Yeah, CHICKEE - there's gotta be an Indian Summer few days coming up - be ready to pounch upon them and finish.

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Ok. I was gonna try not to bump everyones post up that I missed during the week, but DANG, these I gotta comment on.
I LOVE these chick. I really like the planters too. You gotta be so durn proud of these. I bet they'll really be stunning at dusk with those lights shining on them!

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I did get all three set of steps slated and the third step will be grouted tomorrow. Cacbeary I agree w/ slow get yourself a new camera soon!!! You are right about the indian summer it has been warm in the days which is why I got so much done. I am pushing to get as much done as possible I will try to post more pics tommorow!!!

Bama- welcome back! these really are pretty w/ the lights (which are solar) My DH did such a great job making these steps and planters!!! Man I love that guy!!!

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great job....really nice choice of slate
and you're taking it to the edge, with trying to finish with over 50 degree temps..
I guess it was around that or more today, but the rain was a bother.

and cacbeary being able to cast leaves, reminded me of a house down the road from me..
she's got a paulownia tree that's about 12 feet tall, again, this year.
she cuts it to the ground, as soon as the weather changes and I know I'm going to be heartsick, when I drive by and it's gone for another year.
a friend of mine did a few leaves from that tree, about 3 years ago.
she was walking by it and rang her doorbell..
she asked if she could have a few leaves and the lady said sure..
so my friend made some and took one of them to the owner and surprised her, with a beautifully cast and painted leaf..fitting of a birdbath or whatever she ever did with it.

anyway, have done a great job and every project just keeps adding to the beauty of your property.
now, to just get up there and see it first hand!

one day, I really will...

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seaglassic- yes you will have to come up and see our place!!! I still haven't forgot about emailing you the frosting recipe. I have just been lazy that way!!!

I did get all three steps done. (no pics though I'm really sorry!!!) We have the steps covered still with one of those ez shelters. DH said he'd leave it up for awhile for me. I have to work the next 2 weeks (at my job that pays me money!!!) so I will try to get the kick panels done next weekend (slate cut and thin set on.) I just don't think I will get the other parts done. I'm just not gonna have the

I definitely pushed the 50 degree envelope today. I don't think it got over 60 today!!!!

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Chickee, great steps,and you've done a super job on them.Love your design,I use my sae to cut plates a lot so give that a try also,very easy and a lot faster than nipping.Annie

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Your steps are so nice. I too wish we lived where I could leave mosaics outside in the winter. I think you see the problems in your first step. I do not see them. All I can think of is your poor aching back and knees.I love that the steps are low and wide.



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Chickee, I LOVE your steps!! What an awesome job you are doing.

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Your steps are wonderful, Chickee! We have the same look of slate on our back screened porch. DD laid it for us. We sealed it with a not shiny sealer... but I'm so anxious to see how yours turn out because I'd really like to have the 'wetter' look which brings out the color.
Yours are beautiful!

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crackpot- I had wondered if I could use the saw on plates...I have a few thick plates that I did NOT want to cut with my ring saw, thank you for the great tip!!! Now I just have to get the guts to work with some china and plates!!!

shades-my knees and my back did bug me which is also why I didn't do it all in one day!!! I'm glad you like the low and wide steps, I actually had my DH make them that way because my mom has a hard time getting up steps and I knew it would make it easier on her. Not to mention the fact that I plan on living here a looong time and may need the steps to be short for me some day!!!

To All- thanks again for the encouragement and (dang I'm starting to sound like a dang broken record (you all remember what those are don't ya!)) but I do want you to know I am encouraged by your comments and all the great projects we get to witness!!!!

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Oh, YES, CHICKEE - I also use the wet saw for plates. I'll never forget my joy when I finally got the nerve to try it. Sure beats nipping. Only thing - now that I'm ready for it - my HM has borrowed it. Happens EVERY time - I loan something, then need it the next day!!!

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