Above Ground Pool Wire Questions

lrb91849March 31, 2008

I will be installing an Above Ground Pool in my backyard, and I have some questions I would like to run past the forum. For general information, the work is being done in Connecticut.

I already have a Sub-Panel located in my Basement, I use it to control the basement Outlet and Light Circuits; I have several available slots within this panel to add my 2 Pool circuits for the Pump and Convenience Outlets.

The problem is ... This Sub-Panel is about 50 Feet from where I need to exit the basement and begin my outside 3/4 inch PVC Conduit run to the Pool Outlet Post.

My questions are ...

1 - Can I run THHN #12 Wire along the Basement Ceiling Joists WITHOUT Conduit. The wire will be about 94 Inches above ground level and attached with Insulated Staples ??

2 - I will be running 2 separate circuits using THHN #12; would I also use a #12 Insulated Ground, or does the ground need to be #10 or #8 ??

3 - Can I use a Common Neutral and Ground for these 2 circuits.

All help would be appreciated ... use of frost sleeves, size of conduit, number of conduit bends, Outdoor Box Types, Twist Lock outlet and plugs, etc.

Thank you all in advance ... Lou B

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1. No. All THHN/THWN must be in conduit.
2. #12 will be fine for 20 amp circuits.
3. Yes to both but you will need a double pole GFCI breaker for the circuit.

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if you don't want to use conduit indoors, and local codes allow for it, then use 12/3 NM-B(romex) fromteh sub to wher it goes outside. then put a junction box and make the splices there and change over to THWN.

if you are just going to run 4 #12 THWN wires, you could use 1/2" conduit. terminate to an in use or "code keeper" style box. this has a cover that will close over the cords of devices plugged in. you cannot use the regular metal/plastic outlet covers that flip open to allow access to teh outlet. it must be the in use style box. my house has those old style covers tha thave the 2 little doors you open for acces to each outlet and they are not code legal for a cord to stay plugged in.

as joed said, use a GFCI double pole breaker.

the fewer bends you have inteh conduit, the easier it will be to pull the wire. if you have to make several turns, you may want to go up in size of conduit for easier pulling. i am no pro, what i do is either go up one size or pull all wires to a joint, FEED THEM THRU A TURN, then assemble the joint. for jsut one or two turns this is not necessary, btu is you have a bunch of 90 degree turns it will be! they make 90's that have a removable back so you cna accomplish the same thing. for the life of me i cannot think of their name though!

as far as frost sleeves and such, check with teh local codes what is required. usually conduit must be 12"-18" down, though in some areas that may differ. you don't really worry about frost so much as just getting it deep enough a casual gardener does not hit it with a shovel or tiller.

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Ron Natalie

The "non-in-use" receptacle covers are not legal PERIOD from NEC 2002 (at least) on.

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that may be why everyone here was still using them last year, the city JUST went to the 2005 version from something inthe late '90's. the county has never had codes until a few months ago, i think thye went '05 as well. or is it '04. i dunno, not a pro. i do find out the codes for the job i am doing at home, as well as read up on it pretty good. if i get stumped i call a buddy who is a pro.

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